Graduation Photo Opportunity

Selfie Requirements

Photo must be taken outside during the day in the shade.
Outdoor Photos give us optimal coloring to match out backgrounds.
Lighting will be more uniform.
If taking a photo under a tree, make sure there are not hot spots from the sun shining throught.
Cap & Gown Photos must be taken with a solid background.
Using a solid background, we can easily pull you out.
High background contrast.
Having contrast in the background helps us differentiate between your hair and the background.
Photo must be in Portrait orientation.
Videos look better in Landscape and photos look better in Portrait
Wear Professional Attire.
Even under your gown, a nice shirt and tie or blouse will be seen, so make it look great.
You have put a lot of effort into graduating, let is show.
Shoot Photo Waist Up
We need more than just your shoulders and head, but less than full body.
Waist up shows off your gown and any awards you may have earned.


Cap & Gown

Professional Attire

Background Contrast

Submit Your Photo

The image is the correct resolution.
The image is shot too close. Please upload a new image.
The image is too dark. Please upload a larger image.

Checklist Before Submitting Photo